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Wicked Home Theater for the best in projection/4k oriented home cinema, WE DO 4K THE RIGHT WAY, BIG!

With the Seahawks going to the Superbowl, we have special discounts on JVC and LG products that are available right now to watch it like you are there!

Authorized Dealer/Installer

Anyone can sell a flat screen display, and some even have an idea how to mount that on your wall.

But what is the one thing, according to THX, that is the biggest complaint from consumers is: "I should have bought a larger set".

According to calculations, if you have 10 feet from your eye to your screen, when you hit 80", you have achieved "immersion".

We believe in Immersion on a grander scale, say up to 120"


Video Immersion is one thing, but to make an experience, you have to bring both sight and sound into the equation. New receivers from Yamaha and Onkyo (especially the TX-NR616 from Onkyo and the new Aventege system from Yamaha) push digital processing both audio and video to the edge, at a price you would not believe!

And what would sound be without speakers. Yes you can do some Martin Logan's and pay 4 times as much, but for sheer tonal quality, and efficiency you can't beat a Klipsch Reference II series speaker.

Wicked Machines for 11 years has built the best and most reliable gaming systems in the US.

Built by gamers for gamers.





From desktop to the web, we cover all your business computer needs. Specialty graphics workstations, servers, wired and wireless installation and website work.

We steadfastly hold that we will install Windows 7 on our computers until Microsoft says we can't!


Bringing Digital Mobile Marketing to your business, whether it is a large national corporation, or a small mom & pop shop let us bring the speed and reliability that the NFL, NBA, NASCAR and the NCAA have come to enjoy and depend upon.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE equipment and programming services available


Wicked Home Entertainment is an exclusive retailer for the GAEMS Portable Entertainment System




Wicked Home Entertainment is where digital convergence happens.

Make a trip to the theater a rarity, watch your movies with the best possible picture, listening with outstanding sound, and game with your console or PC in a way you didn't think was possible

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