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PC Networks Inc, in conjuction with our Wicked Machines an Wicked Home Theater divisions, can offer something very few other companies can. Complete integration between your home computers, your home theater, and the rest of your house, with control directly from your tablet, from anywhere in your house.

In Home Cinema, we can provide everything from discreet speakers and 4K Ultra High Definition HDTV's, to Dolby Atmos, and THX Select and Ultra 2 systems with high definition 3D projectors and 10' screens. Our services range from a simple projector hanging to full blown full house integration.  If you thought you either didn't have the space, nor the money to afford a great home cinema experience, we can show you how we can fit big screens into small spaces.

Instead of relying on three or four different companies to do your home networking, computer building, and home theater, you have an experienced single point of contact that can ensure everything will work together.


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Is this how you react when someone says you can install a home cinema in your house for less than a 4K TV?

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Anyone can sell a flat screen display, and some even have an idea how to mount that on your wall.

But what is the one thing, according to THX, that is the biggest complaint from consumers is:

"I should have bought a larger set".

According to calculations, if you have 10 feet from your eye to your screen, when you hit 80", you have achieved "immersion".

We believe in Immersion on a grander scale, say up to 120"


Video Immersion is one thing, but to make an experience, you have to bring both sight and sound into the equation. New receivers from Onkyo (especially the TX-NR636) push digital processing both audio and video to the edge, at a price you would not believe!

And what would sound be without speakers. Yes you can do some Martin Logan's and pay 4 times as much, but for sheer tonal quality, and efficiency you can't beat a Klipsch Reference II series speaker.

Wicked Machines for 13 years has built some of the best and most reliable gaming systems in the US.

Now we have a new look and lineup of computers to blow away the competition

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From desktop to the web, we cover all your business computer needs. Specialty graphics workstations, servers, wired and wireless installation and website work.

We give you the option of loading Windows 7 on systems, or a fresh install of Windows 10.

Not just for businesses any more, Qnap now allows for 1080p and 4K streaming of video, HD audio and backup your local area network computers.





Wicked Home Entertainment is where digital convergence happens.

Make a trip to the theater a rarity, watch your movies with the best possible picture, listening with outstanding sound, and game with your console or PC in a way you didn't think was possible

Whether your passion is home theater or PC gaming (or both!), check out our web sites.

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